A husband, father, and homeowner, Jamison is committed to our community. He proudly serves as a school board member, city commission, and member of the Westminster General Plan Advisory Committee. In his spare time, he provides free legal assistance to low income families and has received multiple awards for his service. Now, Jamison is running for City Council to prioritize public safety, attract new businesses, and help all Westminster families achieve the American dream.

Public Safety

A strong advocate for our Westminster police, Jamison is proud to have been endorsed by the Westminster Police Officers Association. Jamison understands that it is critical to give our police officers the tools and resources they need to keep our families safe. Jamison will work with our police officers to keep crime down and provide a safe environment for our children to play.

Attracting Business

A practicing Orange County attorney for the last 10 years, Jamison has represented large and small businesses in civil litigation and regulatory matters. He currently serves as in-house counsel for a global automotive manufacturer. He has a deep understanding for how businesses operate and what they need to grow. Jamison will work to decrease bureaucratic red tape and attract new businesses to our City, providing jobs for our residents.

Good Government

Recently, Westminster has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons, with allegations of political corruption and council members providing "special treatment" to wealthy campaign donors. If elected, Jamison will push for term limits and campaign contribution limits for council members, to root out corruption and restore faith and confidence in our local government. He will also advocate for greater transparency, and make sure the City Council is accountable to the people.


Westminster Police Officers Association
Westminster City Council Member Tai Do
Westminster City Council Member Sergio Contreras
Westminster City Council Member Diana Carey (ret.)
Westminster School Board Member Jeremy Khalaf
Westminster School Board President Penny Loomer (ret.)
Westminster School Board Member Amy Walsh (ret.)
Assemblymember Tom Daly
Garden Grove City Council Member Thu-Ha Nguyen
Garden Grove City Council Member Kim Nguyen
Garden Grove City Council Member John O'Neill
Santa Ana City Council Member Phil Bacerra
Garden Grove School Board President Walter Muneton
Garden Grove Unified School District Board Member Teri Rocco
Ocean View School District Trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin